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Greenhouse Film (Anti-drip diffused)

฿ 32,290.00


enlightened #InnovativePlastic for better 

yes Protect your crops from water droplets inside greenhouse

yes Better crop quality

yes Less crop diseases 

yes Better light transmission 

yes Available for greenhouse film 12-13M width, for other sizes please contact us at Line ID: @visandson or info@vsc.co.th

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enlightenedGreenhouse Film (Anti-drip diffused)

yes Drip protection greenhouse film contains special additive which eliminate droplets drop directly to the plants but turn them into the thin layer of water and run down the sides of the greenhouse roof and wall.

yes Suitable for high-moisture greenhouse that need to get rid of water droplets

yes Available for customization

mail For more information, please contact us at info@vsc.co.th or Line ID: @visandson 

yes Benefit of anti-dripping greenhouse film:

  • More light transmission (no droplets blocking) 
  • Increase crop yields smiley
  • Possible for early harvest
  • Better quality of crop, more profit
  • Prevent the plant disease that may come with the droplets
  • Reduce the use of chemical due to less disease in the greenhouse
  • Eliminate “Lens effect” that could make the plant burns 

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