Warranty Policy

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Greenhouse Film


100 micron (0.10mm) warranty 18 month

150 micron (0.15mm) warranty  24 month

200 micron (0.20mm) warranty 30 month

300 micron (0.30mm) warranty 36 month


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Pond Liner Film


150 micro (0.15mm) warranty 24 month

200 micro (0.20mm) warranty 30 month

300 micro (0.30mm) warranty 36 month

To comply with the above, warranty policy in regarding UV protection system only by using the date from invoice.  The warranty will not be effective according to the following: accidents, improper storage, improper installations, improper maintenance, natural disasters, film contact directly to the chemical or pesticide, film contact directly with the greenhouse structure without any protection (Please see more detail at our corporate website - Warranty)

Procedures for verification of claims:

  1. Customer has to submit invoice and product label back to the company for product traceability.
  2. A sample of at least 2 m² from the damaged area of film must be sent for analysis and identification of the causes of failure to the manufacturer within one week from noticing a failure, including the following information: type of film, dimensions, date purchased, date installed, kind and condition of structure, crop, pesticides used and their frequency, place where film failed, quantity of film that failed as well as any other information reasonably requested by the Manufacturer.
  3. In case that the inspection and/or analysis performed by the Manufacturer’s lab reveal that the failure is due to the quality of the film, the above terms and conditions of warranty will apply but not include other expenses such as delivery cost.

Exchange Policy

If the order has been received, the customer must verify the validity of the goods within 7 days from the receive date in case of replacement.

The product exchange has limit conditions as follows:

1) The product can be exchanged if the company sends the goods not exactly as ordered.

2) Products with warranties, company will check the conditions of the goods and consider them on a case-by-case basis, taking the company's decisions to the fullest.

3) Products without warranties cannot be changed or claimed under any circumstances.

Return Policy

Return damaged products from the production process, delivery process, or receive the wrong items. The company will not charge any cost but the products have to be in the same conditions without using at all.

In cases other than those mentioned above company reserves the right to refund by taking the company's decisions to the fullest.

Order Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel the order within 24 hours from the time of the order in the system. If more than 24 hours, the order cannot be cancelled.


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